Friday, June 29, 2012

Faith And Other Flat Tires by Andrea Palpant Dilley

Author Andrea Palpant Dilley is not unlike other young people that were raised in a staunch christian atmosphere. A daughter of Quaker missionaries, she decides to question her own faith as a young adult. In "Faith and Other Flat Tires Searching for God on The Rough Road of Doubt", Andrea recounts her life growing up in Kenya and how she sets about to find her own niche in the World. This book will touch many. Sometimes humorous as can be seen in these chapter titles: Darth Vader Loves Jesus; Why Isn't God Like Eric Clapton; Gandhi Lives Next Door and Taking My Demons to Church it's not hard to see why this author wins a way into the readers heart. I enjoyed Andrea's journey and I highly recommend. This is a must read for anyone having difficulty with their own faith.

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