Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Strengthen Family Bonds

Nothing is more important than family and the bonds that we create with our loved ones. Dave Stone,a Senior Pastor of Southern Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky addresses how to create and keep strong family bonds. Having a family of three children himself, he is well aware of the issues and difficulties one might face in raising a strong Christian unit in today's world. He offers simple and easy advice amid humor and common sense. In one of my favorite chapters "Meat and Potatoes: The Basic's" author Stone states the importance of making time productive with your family. This can be done at the dinner table by creating games like the 'talking bowl' or 'index cards' to spark a response from each family member on imperative issues. A stellar idea to keep close contact especially since so many members of today's family has little extra time when working more than one job. What I took from this awesome book is that we must make family a priority and find the time to make our moments count. I had the priviledge to review BUILDING FAMILY TIES WITH FAITH, LOVE & LAUGHTER by Dave Stone for Book Sneeze. I highly recommend!

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