Tuesday, August 28, 2012

John Hagee's "The Power of Prophetic Blessing"

John Hagee, New York Best-Selling Author, encourages readers to refer to the Scriptures and research God's promises of Blessings and Prosperity to his people from the beginning of time.  Mr. Hagee takes the Bible literally, exactly how I was raised in my home church.  In fact, you will hear me often say that I was born spiritually rich however there are some discrepancies in how I define blessings and John Hagee's view of  this wording.  Author Hagee's emphasis leans more towards materialistic belongings whereas I was taught to  believe '"But Lay Up Treasures for Yourself in Heaven where neither moth nor rust corrupt and where thieves do not break through nor steal"' {Matthew 6:20}.  I firmly feel that our goal should be for spiritual gifts and treasures, that is not to say that God will not also bless us with what we need in this life, it's just a matter of priorities.
See Matthew 6:21 '"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"'.In the forward of his book, John Hagee states '"Humans have forever been searching for a guarantee of the good life--"' and his goal is to relate to readers how supernatural blessing when spoken by spiritual authority can help you experience spiritual, physical, emotional and relational prosperity.  This book is divided into three sections as follows:  Defining the Prophetic and Priestly Blessings; The Prophetic Blessings and Releasing and receiving the Blessing.  This book reminds me of a recent conversation that my spouse and I had.  I was telling him that if he prayed about a certain matter that the Lord would bless him.  My husband was quite upset and quickly explained that the reason he was praying was because He loved the Lord, not because he expected anything in return.  My concern is that it seems as if the writer is selling God to the people so that they will serve him for what they can get not out of the pureness of love in their hearts.  Let me explain here, if we serve the Lord he does bless his people but that does not mean that they will walk through life without trials and tribulations '"it rains on the good and the bad"'.  When loss or illness comes, it does not mean that God loves his children any less.  Look at Job who the Lord allowed to be tested to prove his faithfulness.  Despite our personal differences and interpretations of God's word, I am glad that I had the priviledge to review this book and learn of  other believer's teachings.  Very easy to understand and gain insight.  I recommend to those who may be studying the differences in religions or denominations.

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