Friday, August 31, 2012

Bobby Richardson ~ World Series MVP

World Series MVP for the New York Yankee's "Bobbie Richardson" was not just an outstanding baseball player.  In his book "Impact Player Leaving a Lasting Legacy on & off the Field" the reader will discover what his first priority was in life.  Mr. Richardson remained a humble individual while playing baseball but his first love was his faith in God.  He was a man devoted to much prayer and demonstrating Christian qualities.  He was never embarrassed to talk about the goodness of God.  Though he was fortunate enough to play along with Yogi Berra; Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris these things never swayed him from his life long purpose.  Even when starting his relationship with his wife, he had these important words inscribed in stone, '"Only one life, it will soon be past.  Only a life for Christ will last."'  This autobiography which was supplied to me by the Tyndale Network in exchange for my honest review has proven to be such a blessing.  It would make a great gift for husband, sons and grandsons  so keep in mind with the Holidays coming up around the corner.  Bobbie Richardson's history raises warm feelings within me.  When I was growing up, many a sports team player could be looked upon as a role model and Author Richardson can be revered in the same way.  He is a true mentor who encourages the readers to be grateful in everything.and to stay focused on your goals.  '"Bobby Richardson Impact Player A Memoir-Leaving a Lasting Legacy On & Off The Field"' is a work of excellence worth reading!

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