Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forbidden Romance

Cindy Woodsmall fostered my affection of Amish Romances, I have read all of her books.  Cherry Blossom is one of my favorites as I could relate to Annie 's struggle between the young man she falls in love with and the way she was raised as an Old Order Mennonite.  Until this point in her life, Annie was content and at peace with this lifestyle.  Annie is smitten with Aden who is Old Order Amish.  Both of their religions forbid them from dating outside of their own Faith.  It is an exciting novel as the reader presses on to find out whether love or personal belief win over.  Will they give into temptation?  Will they risk losing the respect of their families?  Aden is also facing another burden, his brother is paraplegic and his responsibility is to care for him since the horrible farming accident.  Annie has had a difficult past also as her parents are divorced.  She still has a deep fondness for her father.  This book carries the same passion that Romeo and Juliet had.  When love runs so deep and yet is forbidden, how will the characters resolve this very real situation,  It was my joy to review this book for Waterbrookmultnomah in exchange for my honest opinion.  This is a book that you will not want to put down and you will stay up all night long just to find out what will occur next.  It will keep you on the edge of your seat and it will teach you that love is not always simple and that each individual must make decisions of what they feel is good for their life.  Yes, I highly recommend~

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