Friday, September 14, 2012

Now That's Italian~

Product – Red Pepper Sauce | Progresso Frozen Foods

Progresso Foods offers a delicious shortcut to warm bellies with the cold weather upon us.  I was fortunate to receive free coupons for their new frozen sauce and specialty pastas after becoming a fan member. Within these choices of sauces:  Red Pepper Sauce; Marsala Sauce & White Wine Sauce I purchased the first.  Coming from a large Italian family, I learnt to make both spaghetti noodles and sauce from scratch from my grandmother which was an all day affair.  Thanks to Progresso a family can enjoy the great taste of an awesome pasta meal which the cook can prepare in less than forty five minutes.  Imagine how elated I was when my spouse gave me kudos for the angel hair pasta and garlic bread meal I had made.  Progresso's Red Pepper Sauce just needed to be warmed up because it is not necessary to add anything.  I boiled the noodles and baked garlic bread yet the family had praised me as if I spent my entire day in the kitchen.  Better yet, this specialty sauce was so unique that we all were happy to sample something new and different.  Looking forward to the marsala sauce and white wine sauce to enhance supper meals.  If grandma were still alive I would have to explain to her that Progresso is truly Italian.  Give yourself a break...try Progresso now~

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