Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Precious Story of Love in Simple Terms


Lisa T. Bergren's Children's books thrill everyone's soul.  Thus when Blogging for Books offered her most recent read God Gave Us Love, in exchange for a honest review, I hurried to sign up.  Kudos to Lisa for even considering making the pages broader and thicker to keep them durable with youngsters around.  This sweet sweet story is a conversation between Grandpa Bear and Little Cub about all the different types of  Love.  This tenderly written book could teach many an adult by putting God's word in a more simple terms which are easily understood by everyone.  The illustrations created by Laura J. Bryant enhance this warm experience.  Reading this book took me back on a  journey years ago full of fond memories of my grandparent's explaining to me of God's Love.  This best-seller makes for the perfect time to bond with your little ones while speaking upon the most important subjects they will need to know.  Thank You, Lisa T. Bergren for another outstanding treasure.  This would also make for a fine holiday gift.

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