Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enriching Father Daughter Relations


   This beautiful one year devotional opens the doors to a more intimate relationship between fathers and daughters.  Fathers are called to be the spiritual leaders in the family and this book will solidify open doors of communication between parent and child.  The One Year Father Daughter Devotions By Jesse Florea, Leon C Wirth & Bob Smithouser is the perfect tool for caring parenting.  Not only is there a daily story to discuss but the authors suggest an activity to go along with the lesson.  After reviewing this copy sent to me on behalf of Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my thoughts I would have to establish that this book is intended for pre-teens or young adult.  This is when parents find that it is the most difficult to have discussions with their offspring.  The lessons are geared towards questions that may arise in a young persons mind while going through struggles and difficulties at their age.  I am envious that this is available now for parents and know that the book will prove to make a positive impact in families.  It will also ensure that young people are aware how proud their parents are of them as seen on Oct. 20th where the topic is A Father's Joy.  It expounds upon the many things that can make a father happy but points out that the most joy a father feels is in his children and backs this up with scripture.  In this case, where a person might not be able to adequately show his love to his child, the doors are opened to a discussion of how he truly feels.  There are so many more beautiful topics which will enrich  father and daughter relationships.  This book is a must have and must read.  The One Year Father Daughter Devotions would make a loving gift for dads and daughters.  I highly recommend~

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