Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh No Not the Children, Dec. 14 The Day The World Changed

          Although there have always been deranged individuals wreaking havoc in society, something  more hurting and unexplainable  occurred on Dec. 14, 2012...A hunter determined to make his prey innocent young elementary awful mind blowing act which rid our realms of any security we might have once felt in the past leaving everyone, everywhere wondering what is happening in our world.  Life has sadly changed since I was a child when my biggest concern was whether or not my older brother found my favorite toy that I hid on him. We lived in a more safe enviroment in those days when neighbors spoke kindly to one another and faithful friends knew that there were certain boundaries that you just didn't cross in for the sake of  true kinship.  It's just not like the good ole' days anymore and my heart bleeds for the parents who must worry when their offspring are doing the right thing by going to school.  What has this world come to and who is to blame?  I imagine it is a number of factors  that have contributed to this lack of concern with human life as I recall some of the things I suggested as a college student majoring in Psychology.  Young and full of passion I suggested in my essay that lawmakers should make Mental Health a mandatory class in all schools just as physical educucation is.  Agreeing that Physical Health was an asset in establishing the importance of  keeping our bodies up to par but I felt that mental health should also be addressed with that same ferver.  For one this would erase the stigma that has been attached to mental illness since forever but also teach individuals on how to identify those who may be afflicted and guarantee that they get some kind of help.  My professor was pleased with my report and gave me a bright A+ while leaving a question for me to ponder...'"How would this class be funded?"'  Since than I felt that there was a negative possibility of ever seeing this proposal come to past.
   So instead today, twenty little innocent victims will be buried.  Hearts are broken, many will lose faith and there will be a void which will not be filled.  The news has left us all with apprehension and uncertainty.  The holiday holds less meaning with the true lights of our lives smothered out.  As a mother and grandmother of thirteen I beg that strickter background checks be made with anyone purchasing a gun and that it include background checks of everyone in the family and/or who may have access to that person's home.  I wonder how many people know that our beloved Abraham Lincoln who suffered through many nervous breakdowns  had his assistants at his home hide the silverware on the days that he was most depressed.  This has been written in his history books as he struggled with his own dark thoughts on certain days.  We can't put all the fault on the media although there is way too much violence being portrayed to the children these days, nor can we put it all in any one egg basket but we can each do our part.  Needless to say our Nation would be a better place if we each were a little more loving and respectful to one another.  Is it possible to make that change?

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