Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life Lessons From Pets & Wildlife

When Waterbrook Multnomah Blogging Group extended me the ability to review this fine book, "God of All Creation~Life Lessons From Pets & Wildlife" by James Robinson in exchange for my honest opinions I pounced on this.  I awaited in excitement and anticipation because of my personal experiences with our  cairn terrier which was given to our family as a gift.  My very first reaction when we were given 'Lincoln" was that the last thing we needed was a puppy in our brand new house and I put a struggle up during the first few weeks.  My patient spouse on the other hand was like a school boy voting for the dog and trying to get me to see his side.  Long story short, I became physically limited in the last few years and many days I am in dier pain and the one thing I can count on daily to lift my spirits is our pet, Lincoln.  He took a liking to me right away and would follow me like a little sheep and cry when I wasn't in sight for him.  I could never figure how he latched onto me, the only one who really didn't want him but Oh what love and loyalty.  It didn't take him too long to melt my heart and now he is constantly at my side and momma's boy.  Nobody can tell me that pets don't know when you are sick or down because they do...he is a constant source of joy and I can't imagine life without him.  James Robison compares our love of our pets to God's love for us in a very sweet way throughout the pages of the book.  The author goes on to say that '" If a dog can be trained to act according to it's purpose and not get sidetracked , how much more than should we learn to live the kind of life God designed for us?"'  This is the underlying thought throughout God of Creation and the author gives us numerous examples of how well each animal species obeys it's call.  l found delight reading and learning much about God's creation.  The illustrations are stellar.  Yes, I would highly recommend especially for pet lovers.

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