Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Medications That Kill

Author James L. Marcum MD explores our nation's escalating problem of drug abuse, particularly prescription drug abuse .  Too many individuals are blinded by the fact that a drug can be fatal if it is prescribed by a physician.  Nothing is further from the truth as is outlined in this recent publication.  This book is a must read for everyone because drug abuse is so prevalant in society today and most everybody knows someone perplexed by this problem.  Dr. Marcum does a fine job in covering the following topics:  medications can kill, medications that do kill and medications have killed.  My only concern being that he tends to overlook the fact that there are people who do need specific medication and that this can safely be done if the patient follows as prescribed.  Ironically, I have been in a chronic pain clinic for six years and have a stellar specialist.  The pain that I live with daily causes my hypertension to skyrocket even with high blood pressure medication.  My doctor prescribes my medication to also keep my blood pressure at a reasonable rating.  The pain clinic I am a part of is very strict.  All patients must get all of their medications from one pharmacy location that keeps a record of everything you may have to take from all doctors, this way there is no duplication of  prescriptions.  Every client must have urine testing often and blood testing.  I have always known the seriousness of the medications that I am on and have always feared taking too much.  I am thankful for the safe enviroment provided by our Chronic Pain Clinic.  Not everyone is tempted too take to many or abuse drugs and likewise there are doctors who are concerned for their patients.  I was offered to read this book for the Tyndale Network in exchange for my review.  I do applaud Dr. Marcum for pointing out the dangers of drug abuse but I also know that it is of  utmost importance to follow your doctor's plan of care first.  No one should ever stop taking prescription drugs without your doctors consent as many medications require weaning.  This book tends to lean more towards individuals who use drugs for recreation or getting high.  Marcum list a number of alternative solutions to taking drugs, again check with your physician. 

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  1. This looks like a great book. Thanks for your thoughts and the review.

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