Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recipe for Happyness~ Live Second

Author Doug Bender gives us the recipe for happyness in his recent daily reader "Live Second 365 ways to Make Jesus First".  His book describes this movement and the reader is also given tools online at  to put these lessons into practice. 
This book is for anyone who is looking to enhance their relationship with God along with those who have reached the end of their rope and are tired of this world's misgivings.  If you are ready to give God control and be the type of character he intended us to be...Live Second is the answer.  Learning to lean on Jesus and fully submit our wills is difficult because it goes against our human nature but with God's Spirit we can overcome all obstacles.  There is no greater joy than living in the service of our King and our brothers and sisters.  Step by step and day by day Doug Bender gives us inspiration to continue on this sacred journey.   The writer supplies the student with plenty of support through online resources and websites.  We all can be the light that this dark world so badly needs, can you think of a higher calling?  This marvelous book is easy to read and understand and will be an uplift to the spirits of those who read it.  I am grateful to Booksneeze for the opportunity to review this book which is life-changing in exchange for my honest review.

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