Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christ is Real

     Max Lucado's Next Door Savior is another one of his gifts to his readers.  This Author never disappoints and his fan's are aware of the encouragement and joy that he transcends throughout his works.  I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing his new book through Book Sneeze in exchange for my opinion.  Next Door Savior proves and sights examples of Jesus Christ and his love for us and the reality of having a real relationship with him every single day.  He desires to commune with us and to go with us wherever we go.  I was especially fond of  chapter seven entitled 'What Jesus Says at Funerals'.  The author always uses scripture to back up what he is telling us, which is why I enjoy his books.  Reflecting on John Chapter 11, Max Lucado relates what might have happened if Mary and Martha were attending their brother, Lazarus's funeral.  Without taking away from the beautiful way Lucado creates this scene, he explains what Christ does to sympathize with those who have experienced a tremendous loss.  Jesus weeps.  He weeps along with those who are grieving even though he is well aware of the beauty of the afterlife.  Jesus knows pain, he weeps with us.  Max goes on sharing examples of how Jesus Christ is Alive and how he intervenes with us.  It is an uplifting book which I highly recommend. 

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