Sunday, February 17, 2013

Goodbye to Yesterday~Awesome Amish Fiction!

  New York Times Best selling Author, Wanda E. Brunstetter, presents us with The Discovery Part 1 of 6 in the Lancaster County Saga Series.   For this amish fiction fan, the book  was a big win, leaving me excited to read more.  I am intrigued to learn how this religious sect fares under trials and turmoils and the main characters...Luke and Meredith encounter their share.  Readers will also yearn to find out if their love will survive separation and tragedy.
Lack of communication is one of the top reasons for divorce in our era.  In this Amish Saga, old school Luke Stoltzfus forbid's his loving wife to work after losing his job (the only family income).  Instead Luke shuts down in self-pity.  Meredith fears that anything that she has to say will set her husband off.  Her days are full of walking on eggshells and trying to hide the newly discovered fact that she is pregnant.  Luke feels it is an answered prayer when his Uncle Amo's wants to train him to take over his gravestone engraving business while Meredith is doubtful if it is worth traveling out of state to Indiana for a career her spouse knows nothing about.  The two cannot afford for both of them to go so that means Meredith will be left behind.  Facing obstacles that many married couples encounter really made this book becoming to me.  The book is small and easy to read in less than a couple days but it is also engaging.  I highly recommend this new series and thank Handlebar Cental for the fond opportunity of reviewing.

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