Monday, October 7, 2013

Read up~Not Your Typical Amish Fiction Romance

Amanda Flower's second book in the Appleseed Creek Mystery series has received much applause and high recommendations which goes to show how diverse we all are from one another.  Ordinarily I am a big fan of Amish fiction but I found it hard to decifer the difference between the characters in this book from everyday individuals (what the Amish would call us "English").  I felt hoodwinked by the author to read a book about the Amish when there were hardly any mention of the Amish.    Within the first few pages of the first chapter we discover that the main character, Timothy has left the Amish as well as his younger sister.  The pages detail cell phones, computers and even using google.  By all means, there is nothing wrong with these things but I was looking forward to reading about the Amish lifestyle.  I was turned off right away and just couldn't get into the storyline.  I don't want to downplay the author because it is a matter of personal preference.  I examined this book for
Handlebar Review.

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