Friday, October 4, 2013

The PERFECT Remedy for Conflicted Souls~

 As a member of Tyndale Network I chose Dr. Reggie Anderson's "APPOINTMENTS WITH HEAVEN" to review with great anticipation to read of the experiences he embraces with those passing on.  These true accounts for me would become the icing on the cake.  His book has much more to offer.  Never before was I so enchanted with each aspect of a book that I deliberately took time to read and re-read my favorite parts.  I wanted to savor in what the writer was telling us without missing anything.  I enjoyed being a part of the doctor's journey from early childhood to adult.  Perhaps because I could relate so well with him, I found that the author and I come from similar backgrounds.  We were both born with a spiritual spoon in our mouths surrounded by a loving, Christian family and very protected by the harshness of the world around us.  Dr. Anderson's childhood was filled with guidance; incredible support; joy and discipline.  His faith was strong during those early years.  When a family of beloved friends are murdered his faith is shattered.  He can't comprehend that a loving God could allow such an evil act to come upon people who have always put him first.  So the young Reggie concludes that there must not be a God.  This book is the perfect remedy for all those who have lost the faith or individuals who ever doubted that there is a God.  As a young man, Reggie choses to believe in Science until he finds that it really isn't the answer.  A miracle happen's to send this prodigal back to his first love, God.  Not wanting to reveal what happens, I recommend all to get a copy of this outstanding biography.  I just couldn't put it down. 

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