Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Keep Your Man Happy~

When a Woman Loves A Man Pursuing His Heart authored by James Ford Jr. is the perfect tool to read on how to keep your spouse happy.  We live in a generation, sadly, that does not cherish the sacred vows of marriage.  God would not ask us to do something if it were impossible.  My spouse and I hardly ever fight and when He walks into a room my stomach gets butterflies.  Many of the principles that Mr. Ford Jr. outlines for a wife, I have been doing for years.  I was so grateful to read this book supplied to me by Moody Press in exchange for my honest opinion.  Here's some of the divine information, biblically based that is presented in the book by chapter.  Chapter 2 When a woman loves a man, she completes and complements him. 
Chapter 3 states when a woman loves a man, she submits to his headship (this is from scripture); Chapter 4 expounds upon when a woman loves a man she cherishes him.  The author sites examples of what a wife can do daily to strengthen their relationship.  This book is excellent in learning how to look outside of ourselves and do for the other individual.  Wives are directed to be less argumentive and more emotionally supportive.  Give credit when credit is due.  This book is a must have for all young couples and/or those looking to put the spark back in your marriage. 

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