Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And The Two Shall Become One~ How Marriage Can Be Awesome

Being a Member of the Happy Wives Club website, it was only natural for me to volunteer for  BookLook to receive it's first book by the founder, Fawn Weaver.   I counted it a great blessing to find the website to be able to interact with other wives who cherish their marriages and adore their spouses.  Especially now-a-days when almost everything we hear from the media is negative in regards to the sacredness of God's Law.  Fawn had a mission, she decided to go on a worldwide search to find the secrets to a great marriage and what she found was hundreds of women who were happy to share their personal experiences.  There is a wealth of wisdom included in this true account.
For me, as a Christian wife who loves her lot in life, Fawn's movement brought me such joy in knowing there are others who feel like I do and that I am not alone.  Included in this book is the 12 secrets of a Great marriage, to name a few aspects...Respect; Trust; Belief in God; Laughter is the best medicine and keep outside interests.  This book confirms that true love still exists and that when we abide by God's expectations, we are truly content.  Not only do I recommend this fine book but also the website.

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