Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Countless Reasons To Saying Yes To Marriage And No To Cohabitation

Just last month there was an article in the Oprah Magazine entitled "Seven Reasons Not To Get Married" which more than perturbed me.  As a Christian Wife and Mother it's truly heartbreaking to see the sacred institute of Marriage vanish and lose it's importance.  Marriage is to be cherished and enjoyed.  Glenn T. Stanton confirms in his book "The Ring Makes All The Difference The Hidden Consequences of Cohabitation and The Strong Benefits of Marriage" that couples are not only happier but more healthy, more wise financially and more stable when they are married rather than just living together.  He points out that it is the attitude especially among males who don't find a significant reason to marry and the woman is the one who suffers most in the long run,  Ladies, God did not expect us to settle.  He truly wants the best for us. Stanton devotes a chapter on how women lose their power in a relationship by not being married and that their partner doesn't take them seriously as they would if they were married.  This flows out to neighbors, extended families and others who inwardly feel a lack of confidence in the female who has not made that step.  Possibly because it is the woman who influences the man on how he will treat her.  Through extended research within the past few decades, it has been proven that coupons who are unable to marry, never give their all to their partners.  They are holding back whether it be for fear or just because they don't want that total commitment.  Mr. Stanton does a superb job in confirming that Marriage is just not a piece of paper.  I was given the fine opportunity of reading this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my thoughts.

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