Friday, March 7, 2014

Brad Formsma reminds Us What Truly Makes Us Joyous

 Brad Formsma is a brilliant author after my own heart.  Since receiving the opportunity to review his new book, '"I Like Giving; the transforming power of a generous life, practical ideas and inspiring stories"' from Blogging for Books I could not wait to read my copy.  I, personally, try to do something special each day for someone else and wanted any and all ideas on making this goal more possible.  You see, I learnt first hand and very young that a person can only be truly happy by making others happy.  Brad's book centers on using Jesus as our example and you don't have to be rich to make a difference.  He offers practical advice on how we can give to others every single day of our life.  He mentions how we should raise our children to be generous also.  The rewards are plenty in ways money could not afford.  Although a quick read it has a mountain of excellent information.  Mr. Formsma also has his own website related to giving I Like Giving
It's time we join the selfless movement~

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