Friday, March 7, 2014

The Inscribed Collection Featuring Leaving Ordinary (Donna Gaines); Living So That (Wendy Blight); Dive Deeper (Jennifer Jernigan) & Amazed and Confused (Heather Zempel)

The Inscribed Collection is a wonderful series of Thomas Nelson books which teach us to have a stronger relationship with God through prayer and personal experience.  There is a wealth of information provided by these outstanding authors Heather Zempel; Jenifer Jernigan; Wendy Blight and Donna Gaines and I would recommend reading all the books as not to miss out on greater understanding.  I was given the wonderful opportunity to review these books for BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinions.
Leaving Ordinary, Encounter God Through Extraordinary Prayer  by Donna Gaines reminds us through scriptural reference what we can do to draw closer to God.  In one example she recites Luke 9:23 "We must die to ourselves daily and take up our cross and follow Jesus".  The author shares what her cross is and relates how all Christians struggle but overcome their adversities with faith.  Her messages are very clear and make us take a look at us.  She does not hesitate to say that we don't know the od of the Bible because we don't study God's Word in it's entirety.  Donna Gaines book is about change and causes us to question whether we are truly doing all we can do to be our best.  I'm very fond of the truthfulness and simplicity in her writing.
Dive Deeper, Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion by Jenifer Jernigan is a bible study helper with dive meaning (to define, investigate, visualize and embrace) the scripture.  Jenifer begins with the book of Ephesians.  Ms Jernigan is a preacher's daughter but it took time for her to apply biblical principles to her own life.  She shares with the readers how to make the Bible come alive for them.  This is an important read for those needing bible study tips.  It is an excellent choice for the Inscribed Collection.
Living so That, Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life by Wendy Blight offers a book which shows its readers how to take what they learn in the Bible and apply it to everyday situations.  She answers imperative questions such as "why does God allow trials?" with providing scriptural answers and experiences she has gone through.  This book will show that God is still alive today and concerned over what we are going through.
Amazed and Confused, When God's Actions Collide With Our Expectations by Heather Zempel offers answers to why things don't always go our way.  The author uses the Book of Habakkuk from the Bible to prove that God's way is always the best.  There is a place for notes included and lots of references.  I love the easy way of learning her books provide. 
I truly enjoyed all of the books included in the Inscribed Collection.  Each book, in their own way make God real to us and show us how to befriend him on a daily basis. 

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