Sunday, March 30, 2014

Arnold's "Rich In Years" Guarantee's We Have Much to Look Forward To

  "Rich in Years" by Johann Christoph Arnold came to me at the perfect time.  It would be my father's 84th birthday which I was grieving over because he had been gone for sixteen years.  My tears perpetuated waves of memories of all my loved ones that I have lost while growing older.  These 'golden years' have taken much for me to adjust to.  The spiritual insight and sensitive writings of this stellar book have helped me take a more positive, productive look on aging.  "Rich In Years" addresses the many changes senior citizen's face such as the empty nest syndrome; retirement; unforeseen sickness and how to cope with these difficulties and still find joy and purpose.  I am thrilled that I had the wonderful opportunity to review this book for Handlebar in exchange for my thoughts.  It was a great blessing~

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