Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ten Skills Every Man Must Develop to Love His Wife Well

                 Author's Darrin & Amie Patrick tackle that old question, What does my wife want?  They prove that if you infiltrate these ten basic attributes (worship; listening; submitting; serving; providing among others) that you will become the best spouse ever.  The book is directed towards christian men where they can incorporate their belief's and put faith into action, although I highly recommend for all young men who want a thriving marriage.  Being blessed with a very happy union with my spouse and thoroughly enjoying marriage life, I can confirm that what the authors convey is true.  For many, the tasks may mean change and at a step at a time.  For others, who are selfless and who enjoy giving this book is a good reminder during difficult stages.  The authors provide questions and answer opportunities so that the readers can interact along with their partners.  There are a number of fun opportunities listed to get closer to your wife.  Overall a great read and learning tool.  I was given the great opportunity of reviewing this book for Book Look Bloggers.  

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