Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jessie Minassian Addresses How the Media Views Beauty Vs The Scripture Definition

           Our young women buy into the lies brought on by the Media about beauty.  Trying to strive for perfection, they fall short of unrealistic goals and end up believing they are ugly and will never meet the bar.  Jessie Minassian tackles these issues which have plagued young adults for ages.  With the aide of scripture she defines the true meaning of beauty.  This author uses reverse psychology (i.e. '"How to Look Ugly"') in order to magnify how ridiculous some of notions society implicates.  She gets an all star review from me for hitting the nail on the head when addressing this topic and re-teaching teens.  This book is complete with questionaires with  room to add honest answers.   I am grateful to have reviewed this publication for Tyndale.  Definitely a book that will help young people accept themselves for who they are.

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