Monday, February 1, 2016

First Published in 1655; Gurnall's "The Christian In Complete Armour" Still Revelant Today

                    Amazing devotional fully backed up by scripture and an asset to Christians in their daily walk.  The author, William Gurnall, included in his book, how to overcome the enemy of our soul (a subject most minister's will not elaborate on).  Although this book was written in the 1650's, the lessons are still very revelant today.  Here is a phenomenal example.  Gurnall writes, '"Guard Against Discouragement.  Depression is one of Satan's most dynamic weapons to divert you from God's Purpose in your life."'  He goes on to explain some of the Devil's weapons to wear down the Saints.  Anyone who chose to follow God can relate to the experiences shared in this publication.  It is true and encouraging.  It will renew your faith and confirm your journey in serving God.  Clear and concise.  It's very easy to understand.  Kudo's to Moody Press for this superb publication.  One of the best devotional's I have ever read. I am honored to have reviewed for MP.

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