Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Biblical Case for Pretribulationism

                  Many individuals would debate pretribulationism; some say that there will be a rapture but question the time of great affliction and other's question the rapture itself.  John F. Hart, along with a number of Professors and Theologians confirm both the pre-tribulation and the rapture in Moody Press's publication - Evidence for the Rapture.  This book contains a wealth of information with The New American Standard Bible used as it's main reference.  This resource is deep and to understand it's concepts must be thoroughly studied.
              With the focus being on the rapture wherein Jesus returns in the sky to round up his church of the day and those who have passed there is also much to be said about the events that surround Christ's return.
The contributors successfully confirm how Isreal is central to the tribulation and how they set up for the second coming.  They also elaborate on how the church is absent from the Earth but present in Heaven during the tribulation.
               This book is thorough and has a strong argument for it's naysayers.  I was given the opportunity to review this publication for Moody Press in exchange for my views.

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