Monday, March 7, 2016

Age Appropriate Bible Offers More Than Cuteness~

                     Age appropriate (4-8 years) and easy to understand The Veggie Tales Bible New International Reader Version is equipped with multiple tools to enhance your child's experience in learning the scriptures.
                     There is an introduction to each book to prepare the reader about who wrote the book and key highlights.  This is an essential guide especially for first time readers of the Bible.
Bigger words can sometimes be intimidating, so there is also a dictionary included to resolve that problem.
                    Parents will be pleased to know that chapters and sentences are shortened in an effort to keep the reader's interest.  Midway through the Bible there are 8 full color Bible stories as told by the veggie tales.  These are simply adorable and appear like comics.
                    For little minds that tend to forget "Remember This" has 100 entries of scripture to remember.  I was honored to read this book for Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my review.  This children's Bible actually is better than I expected and I very highly recommend!

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