Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dr. Karp's Practical Solutions~Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep

New York's Times Bestselling Author, Dr. Harvey Karp MD comes to the rescue with his new book, The  Happiest Baby Guide to GREAT Sleep offering simple, down-to-earth advice for the colicky baby; infant crying; tantrums and boosting a good night's sleep.  Let's face it folks, when we don't get our rest we are cranky and short-tempered and our babies suffer in the same way.  Dr. Karp's advice has won the favor of many celebrities; Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer; Jewel and Pierce Bronsnan to name a few.  The book has been translated in more than twenty languages and cherished by millions of parents.  One of the perks of being a One2One member has allotted me the opportunity to review the book in exchange for my honest opinion.  I, too, was amazed at  the doctor's knowledge and feel that this guide would make for a great gift for young parents.  One of the successful techniques he shares is the use of white noise or the noise of a vacuum cleaner which actually soothes little ones. I have seen that some retail stores carry cd's you can buy called white noise specifically for this purpose.  He discusses how bedtime timing is off and parents putting their children to bed when they are not tired.  He suggests giving your child a warm bath, dimming the lights in the bedroom and warming the sheets before tucking them in.  The book is directed at from birth to five years of age but he also has separate chapters for different ages.  It's a stellar resource for all individuals who are taking care of  children.  The author has does an excellent job in covering all the important bases.
Readers can purchase here The Happiest Baby Guide To Great Sleep


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