Monday, April 15, 2013

NORTH OF HOPE Will Move Your Soul

Shannon Polson's father and step-mother were on vacation when they were killed by a bear, North of Hope A Daughter's Artic Journey is the author's heartfelt autobiography of her struggle to cope with their deaths.  A year after the tragic event, the author retraces her father's footsteps until that fateful day.  She uses journals and maps that were kept by the victims on their escape to the village of Kaktovik,Alaska.  Immediately I was able to feel akin to the writer because we both reacted to our enormous loss in similar ways.  It's been fifteen years since I lost my own father who I had the pleasure of caring for in his last year.  Although both Shannon and I had to relate to individuals we preferred keeping to ourselves and tried to understand each moment as it came.  This book would prove to be a source of comfort for anyone who has suffered loss.  At the same time,  Shannon does an exceptional job of teaching her reader the customs of Inupiat peoples and portions of their language.  Much thought and heart were woven within the pages of her diary to ensure nothing is a miss.  I am a speed reader but chose to take my time in reading as to enjoy this delicious meal that she has prepared for her fans.  Handlebar Central allowed me to participate in this reviewing.  I will be endeared to them for the opportunity.  It will be one book I look forward to reading again and again.

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  1. I also read and loved this book. It’s the kind of book that stuns you with its beauty, even as it describes some difficult things. I have not suffered loss like Shannon (or you) did and yet her observations felt applicable to my life–I found myself nodding in agreement at her insights about grief, God and the way that any suffering transforms and strengthens us–eventually. She did not pretend that this was an easy journey, but ultimately, it was a hopeful one. I also recommend it. The Author’s blog at is also a must-read.