Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding Our Purpose With Ashley Linne's INSEPARABLE Study Guide

               As women, living in the last days it is often difficult to find out what our purpose is and what God expects of us.  I was given the awesome opportunity to review Ashley Linne's INSEPARABLE as a member of BookLook Bloggers and this outstanding read helps define our roles.  The Author aides us with a roadmap for developing a Christ Like identity by using the book of Roman's.  Through her personal experience, studying the scriptures and answering questions we will all gain a better perspective of who we were and who we will be in Christ.  I was also honored to listen in on the Inscribed Author Chat this past week where I discovered the author to be so sincere and down to earth.  She discussed difficulties that we may all encounter in life but how we can have the confidence in God to help us through each situation,  Learning that the author experiences the same trials as us all really made me enjoy her series that much more.  Inseparable is a must have for all those who Love the Lord.

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