Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Importance of Allowing Our Children To Be Children

In Johann Christoph Arnold's "Their Name Is Today, Reclaiming Childhood", she focuses on the difficulties young ones experience in growing up too fast.  Play is so important that she devotes an entire chapter on this subject,  She also addresses the facts that perhaps there would be less violence if parents would put their children at the top of their priorities.  This book gets the reader thinking, hopefully before it is too late.  By spending quality time with our children and by putting our love for them into action, we may never have to experience the problems of violence and suicide once they become adults.  Somehow the media has twisted the definition of childhood by forcing kids to participate in areas that they are not ready to master.  Sadly, our society has the very young worried about whether they are sexy enough.  The young people today know things I was unaware of until I became an adult.  This book is a resolve for parents everywhere wanting to change the tide of things by offering tips and ideas on how to bring childhood back.  I was given the opportunity to rate this book for Handlebar Bloggers.

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