Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sarah Francis Martin Teaches Us How To Set Ourselves Aside and Let Jesus Rise Up!

After reading a book review on JUST RISE UP~A Call To Make Jesus Famous, I couldn't wait to read it and I also wanted to befriend the author.  Sarah Francis Martin has got it, she knows what the secret of true contentment really is and she shares her wisdom in her new book.  I listened to the Inscribed Author Webinar this past week in hopes of learning more from this devoted christian.  If we follow by her recommendations we will surely become the salt of the earth which the world needs now during it's dark hours.  The writer challenges each reader to become totally selfless and to promote Jesus, her words "A Call to Make Jesus Famous".  She addresses how we can find the courage by using scripture.  Martin breaks down Psalm 145 to help us understand it's implications.  I admire the author's passion for Christ.  This book is much like a revival, the words excite you enough to get involved and put on the whole army of God.  I feel so blessed that I was able to review this book for the BookLook Bloggers, 

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