Friday, November 30, 2012

Bold as Love, Doing What Doesn't Come Naturally

Bob Roberts Jr. makes some outstanding points about interacting with other individuals who are not of our same Faith or belief system in his stellar novel, BOLD AS LOVE What can Happen When we see People the Way God Does.  We call ourselves Christians yet how many times do we miss the opportunity to engage with those who are not of similar faiths?  Do we stay away out of fear or making waves.  Are we not up to the challenge?  Is it possible to respect someone else for their belief and love them as God does.  Yes, it is entirely possible as the author outlines for us but it may mean being uncomfortable when you first try.  Let's face it, some people may never see things the way  we do yet the only thing God expects of us is to love them.  Love them enough to respect their views.  I enjoyed reading this book which I recieved from Handlebar publishing in exchange for my review.  I think the meaning is so important and can be applied to loving others who may be unique and different in any way to which is different from our own.  This is the true test of God's spirit working in our lives.  Those things which are difficult for me to do naturally can be accomplished with Gods spirit which he freely gives us.  This book has given me the desire to make the opportunity to meet others from different faiths.  An outstanding read~

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