Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Encomium for Nick Vujicic

Just when society thought that there were no adequate role models, along comes Nick Vujicic.  A young man who was born with gargantuan challenges yet celebrates Life with a thankful heart and incredible courage.  If  we all could emulate the strength and willingness to encourage others like Mr. Vujicic, our lives could be a beacon of  God's unfailing love such as his is.  In his book,  Your Life Without Limits: Living Above Your Circumstances the author proves that nothing can quench the human spirit except ones self.  Nick Vujicic shares his testimony of  how he was not born with any limbs (arms or legs) and how he wants to acheive some type of  normalcy.  He struggles with not wanting to be a burden to others and prays to find his place.  He also shares his fight with suicide which would befall any of us had we been in his position.  His prayers are answered as he discovers hope in his maker and he begins to take challenges and overcompensate with what he can acheive to overcome his impediment.  In time, Nick is defying all the odds as he learns that he can gain victory.  His amazing journey will inspire all who read it.  The author successfully gives all a recipe to follow to overcome any obstacle they may be facing and how to retain hope and joy through suffering. His story is number one in my best books of 2012.  I have been given the wonderful opportunity to examine his biography for Walterbrook Multnomah Blog Program in exchange for my review.  Please enjoy the trailer of  this best seller below and than get on the bandwagon and obtain your own copy!

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