Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heaven Hears Proves That Nothing is Impossible With God As Pat Boone's Grandson Overcomes all Odds

Ryan Corbin's story retold by his mother, Lindy Boone Michaelis in 'Heaven Hears ~ The True Story of What Happened When Pat Boone Asked The World to Pray For His Grandson's Survival' proves that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God.  The evidence of God's power is magnified throughout the chapters of this inspiring testimony.  Ryan's desire was to serve the Lord and he spent many hours reading the scriptures in hopes of completing a screenplay which depicts the Life of Christ in Modern Times.  His devotion pays off as he completes this project.  One sentence in his play stands out because of what lies ahead in his future, '"I think something is going to happen to me"' becomes a self premonition or perhaps God was getting him prepared for his future.  On June 19, 2001 there is a horrific freak accident.  Ryan steps through a skylight and falls three stories onto a cement floor.  The impact leaves the doctors wondering if Ryan will even survive.  In his comatose state, his family reaches out to everyone to pray.  Pat Boone is invited on the Larry King show where he pleads with the TV viewers to pray.  Miraculously, Ryan awakens but he has a long tough road ahead.  Some doctors claimed he would remain a vegetable.  His amazing faithful mother would not succumb to the doctors diagnosis.  She knew that her Father in Heaven could do all things.  Heaven Hears will renew the reader's faith and comfort mother's to know that their children are in God's hands.  It was a joy to read this book for Tyndale Book Network.

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