Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lucado Explains How to Ensure Your Place in Heaven

  Numerous publications have been printed about Heaven recently, no doubt mankind is looking up for encouragement as this World sinks deeper into darkness.  Being a fan of this subject, I've had an opportunity to read the majority of these books yet Max Lucado brings fresh awareness and imperative information on this popular subject.  Max seems to excel and bring to the reader much more than the average content. Although it is a joy to read how grand Heaven will be and I would be the last to say that I tire of hearing about this yet Mr. Lucado goes a step further by supplying to us the knowledge of how to ensure our chance of getting there.  Using scripture, the author reminds us ''Not everyone who say's 'You are our Lord' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven"' Matthew 7:21.  Max directs his readers to dig deeper into the Word of God so that they may be properly prepared and ready when Christ calls us home.  He explains how we must be spiritually clothed , '"But clothed yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and forget about satisfying your sinful self"' Romans 13:14.  Not mincing any words to gain favor, the author's only goal is to bring us the truth.  This New York Times  best selling author speaks boldly and specifically about what God expects from his children. As always, I am blown away and encouraged by Lucado's newest venture.  It astounds me that he is always able to exceed my expectations and teach me new, revelant points about our walk with God. I had the honor to review this book for Book Sneeze in exchange for my thoughts.  If you yearn for that place where there will be no more pain or sorrow than this book is for you.  If you are down in the Valley and feel overwhelmed by the trials and disappointments in your life...this book is for you.  If you can't see the rainbow and pot of gold as the storms continue to beat on your household...this is for you and if you want to see your loved ones that have passed on again, invest your time in reading this stellar book for the sake of  your soul's eternity.

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