Friday, May 3, 2013

Rebekah Lyons Criticizes Treatment for Depression Will Send Wrong Message


As a former housebound agoraphobic due to chronic anxiety attacks and concurrent depression it was difficult for me to read Rebekah Lyons Freefall to Fly  A Breathtaking Journey.  Her book covers her struggles with anxiety and depression but she does not seek professional help and discourages anyone who uses antidepressants.  Instead of being uplifting I felt this book proposed it was wrong to get the appropriate treatment which is available.  Unfortunately there is a lot about mental illness she does not know and should not be making unfounded suggestions.  Its sad because this just contributes to the ignorance that is already associated with depression.  I am a Christian who believes that God blesses doctors with the knowledge they have to treat them,  Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, therefore medication is given to stabilize it's victims just as a person who is diabetes needs insulin.  Once I got the appropriate treatment which was a combination of therapy, medication and prayers I overcame the agoraphobia.  Mine is such a success story that it ended up in The Detroit News.  To discourage anyone who is suffering from depression from seeking treatment is just wrong.
This is one of the few books I highly do not recommend. 

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