Friday, May 31, 2013

Never Too Old For God's Service

Billy Grahams latest biography is a beautiful testament to that God can use us at any age and that we can be a testimony whether we are in our nineties or a young person.  He will never fire us nor do we have to retire or resign because we just can't be of assistance.  Nearing Home  made the New York Times best selling list and also won the 2012 Christian Book of the Year.  I recall my mother telling me many times that the elderly in the Church were the wisest individuals because they had the most experience in life and that we can learn a lot from them.  There is a wealth of information in Mr. Grahams Nearing Home.  His priority now is finishing well that walk he made the decision to take as a young lad.  He looks forward to meeting up with his beautiful wife, Ruth again who passed away a while back.  Chapter two , 'Don't Retire From Life' is meant for senior citizens but could also encourage anyone who is facing depression.  He covers many subjects that the elderly face and are going through, such as retirement; money matters; physical pain and looking forward to our Heavenly Home.  I highly recommend this excellent book which I had the opportunity to review for BookSneeze.

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