Monday, May 6, 2013

Rod Stewart's "Time" Cd's Preeminence ~ Star's Don't Stop Shining

Much to my pleasant surprise, after twenty years Rod Stewart is still kicking it!  Since receiving my preview copy from the One2One Network, I've been playing the album over and over.  I lost count of my favorites and know without a doubt many of the songs will make #1.  And to think that Rod Stewart wrote and produced 11 of the 12 tracks.  Don't want to give my age away but I was a huge fan in the seventies and I say this CD is the best yet we have heard from Stewart.  Like wine his talent as gracefully aged with Time and I can't wait to hear what more he has to offer.  It's very rare that a superstar of one generation can stay away so long and offer music that would fit in with today's generation.  He is just that kind of stellar performer.  Mark my words that "Can't Stop Me Now" and "It's Over" will be atop the music charts once this awesome cd releases.  You will be able to purchase tomorrow.  Rod Stewart will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight; See him on "The Voice" on May 8th and "Live With Kelly & Michael" on May 11th.  This album is so delicious it makes me wonder what took him so long?

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