Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Reveals Secret to Contentment

  Author Nancy Leigh DeMoss is truly a woman after my own heart.  In her new "our Journey to Joy" she confirms what I learnt many years ago.  While recovering from housebound agoraphobia and chronic depression I had to learn to change my thoughts and focus on my blessings each day in order to get out of the rut that I had fallen in.  For years, I have told my children that each day they have the choice to look for the good in each day or focus on the bad and it does make a significant mark on your attitude.  A thankful, joyful heart cannot have pity parties.  A thankful heart realizes that there are others worse off who may need us.  Ms. DeMoss could not pick a more suitable person than Joni Eareckson Tada to write the lovely forward to her book.  For those who don't know Joni, she experienced a horrendous accident as a teenager  that left her quadriplegic for the rest of her life yet she uses her disability to honor God and the strength that he gives us.  She has been an inspiration to millions, writing books, speaking and even drawing.  A kind reminder that we all have something to be thankful for.  I highly recommend Nancy Leigh DeMoss's book for anyone facing discouragement or heartache.  She includes a 30 day devotional which can be used as tools to begin your new mindset.  For those who have thought negative most of their lives, this can be a bit of a challenge but if  you use these exercises daily, you will be surprised at how little time it takes to think successfully. I commend Nancy for realizing what seems to be a real problem among women today, negative thinking.  By introducing scriptural references along with personal experience this book can be a gem for those seeking happiness.  I was given the priviledge of reading this book for MP press in exchange for my honest opinions.

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